How are transit agencies regulated in Florida?

Transit agencies must comply with various state and federal requirements related to their routine operations, safety, security and maintenance procedures and practices. The following links will direct transit agencies to these requirements:


Chapter 14-90: Equipment and Operational Safety Standards for Bus Transit Systems, Florida Administrative Code

Transit agencies defined by the State of Florida as “bus transit systems”, who receive federal and/or state funding for public transit operations and capital equipment, must meet state requirements provided in Chapter 14-90, FAC.

FDOT State Management Plan

Transit agencies who receive FTA Section 5307, 5310 or 5311 grant funding for operations and/or capital equipment must meet the requirements provided in the FDOT State Management Plan. These requirements are used by FDOT in the assessment of the transit agency’s compliance with federal and state regulations during their Triennial Review.

Public Transportation Agency Safety Plan (PTASP)

Transit agencies that receive federal funding for capital equipment and/or operations are required by federal statute 49 C.F.R. Part 673 to develop a PTASP. The PTASP is reviewed and assessed during the agency’s Triennial Review.

PTASP is a requirement for 5307 agencies.

Safety Management System (SMS)

Transit agencies are required by federal statute 49 C.F.R. Part 673 to have written SMS policies and procedures that outline the agency’s process for conducting risk analysis and mitigation strategies. SMS is a requirement for 5307.