Public Safety

Public safety is a critical concern in the provision of transportation services in Florida. Transit agencies who obtain state and federal grant funds to operate public transportation and/or purchase capital equipment are required to meet or exceed the minimum requirements set forth in Chapter 14-90: Equipment and Operational Safety Standards for Bus Transit Systems of the Florida Administrative Code, the Florida Department of Transportation’s State Management Plan and all other evolving transit requirements established by the state and federal government. Routine monitoring of transit agency compliance with these standards is essential to ensure the safety of Florida’s residents who rely on their services. 

FDOT District Offices Managers are responsible for the implementation of the Triennial Reviews for the transit agencies in their respective districts.

The FDOT Central Office supports FDOT District Offices and their consultants/facilitators in performing Triennial Reviews by contracting with subject matter experts in the areas of system operations, safety, security, and maintenance.


Rule Chapter 14-90, Florida Administrative Code

Section 14-90.012, FAC requires that FDOT or its contractor conduct a system safety, security and maintenance review of each transit agency every three years to ensure the agency’s compliance with state and federal guidelines. The Compliance Oversight and Technical Assistance (COTA) Program was established by FDOT to assist FDOT Districts and their contractor(s) in conducting the required system safety, security and maintenance reviews, called Triennial Reviews. The COTA program is managed by the Center for Urban Transportation Research (CUTR) at the University of South Florida under direction of the Florida Department of Transportation. Through the Triennial Reviews, the COTA program also seeks to provide recommendations to assist transit agencies with improving overall system performance by offering technical assistance resources, identifying training needs and suggesting training opportunities in coordination with other FDOT projects when applicable. 

Florida State Management Plan

The State Management Plan developed by FDOT Central Office is used as a guide for conducting the Triennial Reviews.  The roles and responsibilities of the FDOT Central Office, FDOT District Offices, their consultants/facilitators and COTA program team are outlined in the SMP along with the Triennial Review elements and standard operating procedures.